Where do Starseeds originate from?

What is a Star Seed? Am I a Star Seed?

What is a Star Seed?

The word starseed only came into my existence during my own spiritual awakening.  When I tried searching more traditional dictionaries, I couldn’t find the word. I was watching a lot of YouTube videos talking about starseeds and having no idea what it meant until I did a bit of digging. The word starseed is used to describe a soul who has incarnated on planet Earth yet “comes from somewhere else.” Tad vague so I carried on looking.

Where do Starseeds originate from?

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Urban Dictionary describes a starseed as, “a person who is spiritually aware, having a strong connection to the divine creator.”   When we accept that actually our soul/spirit comes from a galaxy thousands of light years away (sounds like the beginning of Star Wars doesn’t it?) we can bring the term starseed into our own existence. Now stick with me. We don’t all come from the same star system. If we did, we would all be healers for example, which although would be awesome, we also need people who are more interested in building things for example, or inventing new ways of living and being. We all have our own particular talents which stem from our starseed origination. We can discover our own starseed origination through meditation and soul exploration. This information is also held within our Akashic Records. A book holding all of the information about your soul.

So where do starseeds come from?

Good question. Starseeds originate from star systems like the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, and Lyra. These are the ones that I am currently aware of, although I know there are more. Apparently my soul group originates from Nihal but I do have a Pleidian guide and recently found out I was a Lemurian priestess from the Pleiades.

What is the purpose of starseeds?

Starseeds generally come to earth with a mission. Starseeds are old souls sent back to earth to assist Gaia in the ascension from 3D to 5D consciousness. From the many starseeds I have seen, their role has been predominantly to plant seeds of spiritual awareness, to support others on and through their spiritual journey and to shine a light for others.

How do I know if I am a starseed?

When we are born into human form we generally remember who we were in the first few years of our lives until we can talk. As we cross the 4/5 mark we begin to forget our lives before and concentrate on learning the experience on Earth. However, deep within us we remember. Star seeds often struggle to fit into ‘normalised’ institutions, you may tend to rebel against rules and don’t always like to conform, you may have a yearning to go home which you can’t explain.

10 signs you could be a starseed

  • As a child you felt that you didn’t always fit in
  • You’re highly sensitive, which you may have been criticised for in this lifetime
  • You pick up on other peoples emotions easily and often know something is wrong without them having to say anything
  • You may have had dreams or memories of past lives and experiences in different dimensions. You may have encountered UFO’s or higher beings in your dreams or in meditation
  • You know you have a purpose here but may not be sure yet what it is
  • People might find you a bit out there, different, weird, strange
  • In crowded places you may feel overwhelmed due to so many other peoples energy around you
  • You have natural psychic gifts, channelling or healing abilities
  • You love looking at the stars and the Moon
  • You have an inner knowing that you are here to serve the world love and be of service to others, this is your calling

Now I know I am a Star Seed or not, what next?

If this doesn’t resonate with you, that’s OK, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We all signed up for different reasons to be here. This may not be your path. Yours may be to invent something which moves humanity forward. If this does resonate with you then I would highly recommend meditating to connect with your higher self. It is only through practise and continuing our spiritual journey that we uncover and learn more about ourselves, our spirit and our souls journey. So my recommendations are to stay mindful and present, enjoy what you currently have, work and ask your spiritual army to support you along the way, this may be in the form of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and your higher self. Ground and protect your energy daily. Raise your vibe and follow what inspires you. Whatever you feel called to will be the tool to assist you along your path.

I wish you well on your spiritual journey and if you want to join my FREE FB group for people going through a spiritual awakening just click here http://www.facebook.com/groups/Consciousnessarising


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