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What is light language?

What is Light Language?

There are so many new terms and words coming into my existence that sometimes I struggle to keep up. Light language is something that came into my existence a few months ago. Last October I was staying with a friend in London and was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard a noise which woke me up. The noise had come from my own throat. It had made like an H noise. To be honest it freaked me out a little bit. I thought no more of it until earlier this year. I was deep in meditation and the noise came through my throat again. How is this possible?? I visited my beautiful friend, Daniela Pala, for a Reiki session in February just before lock down. I was so deeply relaxed towards the end. I heard a word and a voice which jolted me awake. When I asked Daniela if she had heard it, she confirmed that she had. Something was trying to speak through me, or words were trying to escape yet I didn’t know what it meant. I had met Susi Jones at a pop up meditation I ran in 2019. Somehow in 2020 we got chatting about the subject of light language. I had a 121 with her and it activated something within me. A rememberance, acceptance that I was meant to do this. There is no actual definition of this word in a dictionary but how I would define it is this

” Words, symbols, songs and art which are channelled by a person connecting to their higher selves and Source. They put themselves out of the way to allow this information to come through them. When spoken or sung it doesn’t sound like anything you may have heard before. When drawn as symbols or art it doesn’t look like something you may have seen before. However upon hearing or seeing this light language your soul remembers it. Your mind may not make sense if it but your heart will.”

Light language can be expressed in various forms. Some may appear to be talking in tongues, this reminds me of Harry Potter and parcel tongue! You can listen below to what it sounds like but it is quite unusual. Others may communicate via telepathy or through ESP.

What does light language do?

When you hear someone speaking/singing/chanting light language it can bring many benefits. These include but aren’t limited to

  • Healing subconscious blockages that you maybe aren’t even aware exist within
  • Can act as a catalyst for your souls growth
  • Can help you to connect to your higher self
  • Can enhance your intuition
  • Rapid transformation
  • Expanding your awareness
  • Remembering your souls purpose for being here on this planet at this time

These are just a few of the benefits that hearing or seeing light language can bring for your soul and your higher self.

How does it work?

Light language works on the soul level. It might not make any sense to you when you hear it but your heart and soul will recognise it. You will take what is needed from the session. Have a listen to my video below. When I begin chanting in light language close your eyes and see what you feel, what comes up for you.

Can anyone speak light language?

I believe so. Just like we are all born with psychic and intuitive gifts that when we open up we can truly access our inner unique gifts that we have to offer the world. By raising our vibration high enough we are tuning into the frequencies of the higher realms. There is also that aspect of letting go of the ego. If you are worried about being judged then you might not share this beautiful gift with the world. I never in my life thought that I would do this, or be using it in my healing sessions. I trusted the guidance I was given and followed my heart. I am meant to do this and share it with others to activate their healing.


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