What is my life purpose?

What is your life purpose? And how does this compare with your soul purpose?

I have come to realise recently that there is a difference between the two. Often we strive to find our life purpose.

  • Why am I here?
  • What am I meant to do?
  • What is my purpose?

As we are seeking the answers to these we are actually missing out on what our life purpose is. Our life purpose is learning how to live on Planet Earth with ease and grace. To learn to find the joy in the simple things such as the beauty in a rose or a flower we see growing. To enjoy the taste of freshly cooked bread or savouring the taste of a freshly picked raspberry. How does it feel on your tongue? How does it feel to dance like no one is watching, when a busker is playing a song you LOVE can you join in and dance to the music or sing along, albeit quieter than the busker singing it 😊 When we have these moments of joy we are living our life purpose.

When we come into conflict with another, how do we choose to respond to them? With anger, rage and frustration? Or with love and compassion? Choosing the latter is living your life purpose. Now I know, and believe me I do, this isn’t always easy, it takes practise. Learning at every opportunity to respond with love and compassion. How can you do it all the time? You practise. And believe me the Universe will keep sending you people and experiences until you choose a different way of responding.

So you’re telling me that my life purpose is about enjoying life in simple pleasures and choosing love over anger? That’s it?

For eons we have been told and conditioned that life is hard, life is tough, life is meant to be all work and no play. So many various statements that have made their way into our minds and subconscious. Acting like a kid? Having fun? How does that sit with life purpose? You are here to enjoy Planet Earth and all of the varied experiences it brings. Some may feel more difficult than others but you signed up for this. Yep read that again if you need to. You chose to be here on Earth at this time. You chose to learn the lessons your soul needed to learn, not your ego or your mind but your soul. The first time we come across one of these lessons we may reject it, play the victim, ask why me? Why me? When we allow ourselves to feel these experiences and acknowledge them as lessons we change the perspective. It then becomes more like what do I need to learn from this? Part of our life purpose is learning how to respond and react to events and situations in our life with compassion and love. We are here to live a life with ease and grace, yes it takes practise and healing but ultimately this is your life purpose.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

What about my soul purpose?

So the soul purpose differs to the life purpose, in that your soul purpose is unique to you. It is why you are here and your mission on Planet Earth. It is how you chose to be of service to others. This may be running womens circles, it may be writing books and sharing knowledge for future generations, it may be inspiring others through the way you live your life. Every persons soul purpose is different. When we begin to tap into our soul purpose and align with it our life takes on a different trajectory. As you become aligned you find that you attract people into your life who are also aligned with their purpose. Your conversations become similar. During September 2020 I met up with three individuals I didn’t really know for a coffee. We had been connected through friends. You know when someone says you need to meet such and such, well I trust that upstairs is sending these people for a reason so arranged a cuppa with all of them at different times. The conversations we had all started with the same line, “I’m looking at setting up a community” Great, me too. Can you see how when you become aligned with your soul purpose the Universe will support you in your work? That’s all well and good Lindsay but how will I pay my bills by following my soul purpose? Again we have choices, we choose where we live, how much rent we pay, whether we have a mortgage, the latest car, Sky TV, takeaways etc. As we begin to fulfil our soul purpose and put energy into it, you will find that energy will come back to you, be this through a financial exchange or some other form of abundance. The whole money is energy is a whole blog post in itself. For now, the simplest way to find out about your soul purpose is when you wake up in the morning ask yourself two questions. The first, how shall I fulfil my life purpose today? The second, how shall I fulfil my soul purpose today?

Let life guide you, be open to the signs the Universe/upstairs/source send you and be willing to embrace and accept the journey you are on.

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