What is spirituality?

What is spirituality?

“The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things” Oxford Dictionary

This is one way of defining spirituality and there is certainly a shift in mindset away from material goals and objects to one of self and others when you embark on this journey. Some of us come to this in a gradual way. For others the loss of a loved one or a sudden tragedy can spark something within us that craves for more human connection, soul connection as opposed to the latest Nike trainers or the latest Mercedes. Spirituality will have its own meaning for you and you can allow it to mean whatever it likes to you. For me it means having an inane sense of trust in upstairs/the Universe/Source and also trusting my own intuition to guide me along my path. It means having tools and practises to support me when going through any challenges or obstacles in life.

When you tell people that you are spiritual they tend to have images of you sat on the floor somewhere saying ‘Om’ Or being a chilled out ‘hippy’ I did describe myself once as a modern day hippy 🙂 Being spiritual today, doesn’t necessarily mean that all you do all day is sit and meditate and do Yoga.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality isn’t always about running away to hide, it is about living in this space and learning to accept what is

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What does being spiritual mean?

It means finding a place of peace. In your mind. Being happy with who you are at this moment in time. It can take work and it can take practice. It is about being thankful for the life you have. Being mindful and accepting what comes our way. Be it good or not so good. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and expand.

Being spiritual is about kindness to others and accepting others for who they are. If they don’t float your boat you don’t have to be BFF’s recognise them for who they are and that’s what they are about. When we speak to others do it from a place of love, not hate. That’s not kind and frankly there’s no need. The best thing we can do when others say something mean to us or aren’t particularly pleasant is to tell them in an honest and loving way that what they said hurt us. Then forgive them. Easier said than done but you don’t need to hold onto their stuff. It’s not serving you. Compassion and empathy are another two words which I feel need to be mentioned when talking about spirituality. To be able to practise this is ongoing and especially in the times we are currently living in, we need to be able to practise compassion to others and empathise with them too.

Being spiritual in today’s society is more about embracing who we are and loving ourselves. It doesn’t have to be complicated and like I said it doesn’t require you escaping to a mountain for months on end. You can be spiritual and continue the life you have, whether you are a working mum, full time mum, nurse, vet, pilot, whatever your life is currently like you can implement spirituality into it. How do I know? Because that is what I have done. I haven’t been able to go off on a retreat as I have two small children to care for. Being spiritual is about bringing together a variety of practises which can help you live a life with grace and ease. These practises include mindfulness, gratitude, meditation. These are some of the core foundations which will stand you in good stead for your journey.

What is spirituality not?

It isn’t a religion. There isn’t one set of rules to follow and there isn’t one set path to follow. Some of us come to it in our teen years whilst some come to it when they are in their 70’s or 80’s. Whilst there are some aspects which come into everybody’s spiritual path such as meditation, mindfulness and gratitude, there are other aspects which may be on the fringes and you have an awareness of. For some their focus is angels, helping others to see and hear angels and communicating with them themselves. For others their focus may be sound healing and vibration. Whatever you feel most drawn to on the path of spirituality is probably what is for you at that time. Explore different concepts of spirituality. Read books by a variety of spiritual authors you feel drawn to. Take what teachings you can from different people who have already begun walking and following their path and apply them to your practises. If they feel good awesome, if not don’t try and push yourself into a concept which doesn’t feel right for you. I myself, have come across some amazing spiritual tools which are helping others on their path through the interviews I have done on my Spiritual Journey, yet they aren’t necessarily something that I may combine into my own daily practises.

With spirituality there isn’t a specific name such as God, Allah etc. It isn’t necessarily a specific person.  I call the connection I have with this power upstairs, the Universe, Source. You can call it whatever you feel comfortable with and means something to you. Some people primarily speak with angels, some with higher beings and some with spirits. These are all connected in the unseen realms which are close by.

How do I become more spiritual?

  • Get creative! – What is it you love to do? Writing, dancing, singing, painting, drawing, playing music. Practising any of these arts allows us to express our thoughts, our desires, our wants, our frustrations, our sadness basically our emotions. Holding them in and not doing anything with them is a travesty. You were born to create
  • Take time for yourself- self care is hugely important. This may look like taking a salt bath, going for a walk in nature, dancing to music you love or reading a book. These things sound simple but can really help you.
  • Practise gratitude- being thankful for the things you already have in your life. Being thankful for the world around us and the people in it can help to lift our vibration and energy
  • Practise mindfulness- notice the sounds, the smells, the sights around you. Breathe them in and absorb everything which is really going on in this moment.
  • Practising patience- this has probably been my toughest challenge/lesson to date. When we are used to getting everything so quickly and now, learning patience can take time, for me anyway lol. However, when we begin to realise that our time isn’t the same as time elsewhere we begin to practise this more

Are there any benefits of being spiritual?

  • Yes, lots. The biggest benefit of being spiritual is that life tends to flow more easily. Rather than facing challenges/obstacles/lessons with resistance and feeling life is difficult you begin to approach these with a different perspective.
  • You feel less stressed and more relaxed about life in general
  • You make decisions coming from your heart as opposed to your head
  • Overcoming a fear of death- when you begin to practise spirituality you realise that everything is connected and that death is a phase in our souls journey
  • It connects you with your higher self/upstairs/the Universe/Source and you begin to pay attention to the signs that are around you

When I began my spiritual journey I didn’t actually know at the time that this was what I was embarking on. Spirituality found me, as it probably does many others. Over the last 12 years I have developed my own practises whilst learning and trying various healing modalities, reading spiritual books on a wide range of subjects from angels to crystals, from reincarnation to the Pleidians. Upstairs have kindly provided me with many theories of the Spiritual Journey as well as often sending me the area/topic to gain practise in too. Wherever you are at on your spiritual journey know that you are where you’re meant to be right now. There is no room for comparisonitis. We are all unique and as such are in different places along our spiritual path. As you find someone further along they reach behind and help lift you up, as you then do to those behind you on the path. To find out more about spiritual awakening you can head to https://www.lindsaybanks.uk/

Much love

Lindsay x