What is the truth?

What is the truth?

Firstly let’s define the word true. It means “in accordance with fact or reality” This in itself is an interesting concept. One persons reality may differ to another persons. Imagine if 100,000 people are watching a football match and after the match everyone writes down their experience. Do you think they would all read the same? Of course not. Everyone would have seen the match from their own perspective. Depending on which team they are cheering for they may be biased towards the referee, or the goalkeepers. One team may think the goalie did an awesome job saving them whilst the other team think he did a terrible job because he kept saving them. The same match, watched by the same 100,000 people, would be told differently. Yet each story would be their truth. Their experience. The only thing which might be the one thing which is true for all stories is the result. This is a fact and even if some goals may have been disqualified the outcome is the same. One team won by x amount of goals.

Over the years I have become a huge advocate for speaking your truth. I kept talking about it and sharing it. One lady on Instagram asked me why I kept sharing it and didn’t everyone speak their truth? No, they don’t. We have been conditioned to not speak our truth to make others feel comfortable. Learning to say no when we can’t be arsed to go somewhere and would rather binge Netflix than attend a dinner with the in laws. It can make us feel uncomfortable when we begin to speak our own truth.

So what about truths we have been told over the years? What is true and what isn’t?

This can be a bit of a head fuck to be honest as you begin to look into it. The word Truth Seeker has become more popular over the year as more and more people are seeking the truth to what is going on behind the scenes and what we have been told. Not only this last year but since the dawn of time. People have written down their versions of history, their experiences, their stories. There are many examples of where what we have been told isn’t true. My experience has been spirits coming through to share their stories. To me they are their truths. In my latest book Voices from the Past, Present and Future: Insights into 2020/2021 from beyond you can find the truths of what happened to the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Madeline McCann. Winston Churchill shared some of the truths around World War 2 and the reasons why it began isn’t what we have been told in the history books. One tip that has come through for me constantly throughout all of this is to practise discernment. There are many people out there professing to know what is going on behind the scenes. The best thing to do? Listen to yourself. Is what you are reading or hearing feeling true? Or does something not feel right? There have been many truthseekers that have been called out over this last year. Some guys who have risen very quickly in popularity as they have spoken out against the government and the mainstream media have actually had hidden agendas. A very wise friend told me to stop listening to everyone else and start listening to myself. And this is something I feel we should all be doing right now. Questioning everything we see and hear. Does it feel true to me? And this is key, how does it feel?

History distorted

This post follows on from a space I visited today with friends. We visited Druids Temple near Ripon. This space basically looks like a cave with a sacrificial table at the entrance. I couldn’t find much online about it before I went and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Having spent the last couple of years working as a psychic medium I often pick up on spirits in different spaces. We also had some dowsing rods to use to ask questions and clarify what we felt. As soon as we entered the cave I felt the spirit of a man in his 40’s. I then began to feel sick in my stomach. As I looked up in the cave there was a hole in the top. I could see in my minds eye these people being dropped into the cave and being starved. I ‘knew’ that these people hadn’t been treated right. One of my friends picked up on the fact they had been what would have been labelled as idiots or imbeciles back in the day. If you have ever done family history you will see that some people were labelled this on older censuses especially from workhouses. These men were starved and then sacrificed on the sacrificial table just outside the entrance. My friends and I all picked up on the fact that there were men in hoods standing around the table. I was getting the word brotherhood and that there was 12 of them. This space is hidden in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere. This is my truth as this was my experience. You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to. If it doesn’t feel true to you, that’s OK. I wanted to share this as an example of something which is my truth. Nothing that I could find has been written about this. Why would they want to share the fact that the Druids Temple is in actual fact an old sacrificial site?

How do I know what is truth?

For me truth is a feeling I get about a person, about the words they are saying or the words I am reading. Truth feels right. Non truth doesn’t feel right, something feels off. The person may not come across as being genuine, authentic, honest. Just because everyone else is following or listening to a particular person doesn’t mean you have to. You can take your time watching YouTube videos of people. I watched several with Brian Rose to weigh up how I felt about him before deciding that what he was saying didn’t feel aligned. Above all? Learn to listen and trust yourself. Question what you hear and read. Just because it is on the 6 o clock news ( do they still do that??) doesn’t mean it is true. Having also been in the media I have seen how some journalists can massively twist a story to what sells. Thankfully there are some new media outlets out there writing their truths such as UK Column and the Light newspaper. As we learn to listen to the truth within ourselves we can make better decisions, we feel more aligned with our lives and we do what we feel is right for ourselves and our communities. Learning to trust and listen to our intuition strongly supports us in aligning with this. If you want to develop your intuition you can grab my 6 week course  here 

I would love to hear your thoughts on truth

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