What on earth is a chakra? And why do I need to know what they are?


Do you ever feel ‘out of sorts’ and can’t quite work out what the problem is?  It could be that your chakras are out of alignment. A what? What on earth is a chakra? Why didn’t I learn about these at school? Good question! Chakras are an essential part of us.

I tend to talk about chakras a lot when I discuss crystals, energy and reiki so thought I would explain what they are and what you might need to know.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. There are seven of these running through your body. They are centres in which energy flows through. Everybody has them, they aren’t just for those in the know or people who have become spiritually aware. However by becoming aware of your chakras or even just knowing they are there can really help you to become in tune with your body and your emotions. The diagram below shows where the chakras can be found

Each wheel, or chakra, governs a part of your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body. In the same way that the body has organs, the chakras are the organs of the energy field around us.

Chakras transmit information from the energy field and represent a ‘blueprint’ of the body, they also hold information of past pain and trauma. These can affect our emotional and physical health.
The best way I can think to describe them is when you see someone spinning plates on a stick in the air. When they are balanced they spin round beautifully. When the person holding them tilts slightly the plates become unbalanced and stop spinning.  When energy is flowing freely through the chakras we are well; balanced mentally, emotionally and physically
When our chakras are imbalanced we feel ‘out of sorts’ whether this is emotionally, or physically. I use crystals to rebalance my chakras. It is so simple, it can take as little or as much time as you have.
The names of the seven chakras and the colours associated with them starting at the bottom are:

  • The Root Chakra- Red
  • The Sacral Chakra – Orange
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra-Yellow
  • The Heart Chakra- Pink/Green
  •  The Throat Chakra- Blue
  • The Third Eye Chakra- Indigo
  • The Crown Chakra- Violet/Clear

So how can it help you to know about your chakras?
The root chakra is red in colour. This chakra is all about security and safety. If you don’t have anywhere to live or feeling unsafe this can throw this chakra out of balance. A red crystal such as red jasper can help bring this into alignment.
The sacral chakra is orange in colour and governs the reproductive organs. If there are imbalances in this chakra you could be suffering from any of the following: Dependency, co-dependency with other people, being ruled by your emotions. The opposite: Feeling numb, out of touch with yourself and how you feel, Overindulgence in fantasies, sexual obsessions or the opposite: Lack of sexual desire or satisfaction, Feeling stuck in a particular feeling or mood. I would use a piece of carnelian and place it on the sacral chakra to help bring this into balance
Another example is stress. I am sure at some point in most people’s lives they have said how stressed they feel. Where do you feel it? Sometimes it’s the shoulders and neck muscles which tense up taking the strain, a nice massage will help work the knots out. But what about your emotions when you are stressed? Which chakras hold stress?
Say you go to work and have a boss who is bullying you. You daren’t say anything to them so you hold your stress inside, most people hold it in their stomach areas. As you hold on to this stress you find you stop eating or start to maybe struggle with your digestion. Which chakra resonates with your stomach? Your solar plexus, THE power house, the main source of all your energy is held in this chakra. By being aware of this means you can be proactive around your stress levels. So you start to feel stressed, what do I need to do to balance my solar plexus chakra? Wear yellow clothes, carry a piece of yellow crystal around with you, such as citrine.
The heart chakra is typically pink in colour but the higher heart chakra is associated with the colour green. The heart chakra is all to do with love. It is to do with not only the relationship with yourself but also your relationship with others. So if you have issues around loving yourself, or loving others this is the chakra that needs attention. It can be brought into balance with a piece of rose quartz, which is a lovely gentle hugging stone. If you need something a bit more malachite is the sledge hammer to the heart chakra and helps break down any issues.
The throat chakra is all about communication. Either you struggle to express your feelings or you express yourself too much! A blue crystal such as lapis lazuli or sodalite can help balance the throat chakra.
Say you start suffering from headaches. Which chakras are closest to your head?
The crown chakra is above your head and your third eye chakra is on your forehead. The colours of these chakras are indigo and violet. Maybe the chakras are out of balance. The easiest way to bring a chakra into balance is to place a crystal of the corresponding colour onto it so a piece of amethyst, purple, and clear quartz/selenite for the crown. There are other ways to balance your chakras and whatever you feels appeals the most to you is the best thing to go with. Reiki can help and yoga. My personal choice is crystals.
This is a basic overview of your chakras. Having an understanding of them can really help you to understand your emotions and how your body is reacting to those. I am not suggesting by any means that by using crystals all of a sudden you are emotionally and physically balanced. Rather that they are an aid to help you achieve this.
I have been using crystals for the last 7 years and continue to do so. As well as using my crystals I try to meditate, do some yoga, and do various activities that I enjoy. I also reiki myself fairly regularly. There isn’t a quick fix for balancing your chakras, as sometimes once you have worked out how to balance one, another one becomes unbalanced. It is a work in progress, but it is definitely something worth knowing.
Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a doctor and obviously if you are in pain you should seek medical attention

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