Who are the Hathors?

Who are the Hathors?

Before I go into this I would like to share with you my story behind this. It is very rare that I set the intention to communicate with a group of beings I have never heard of. This weekend was my 40th and as we headed into Scorpio season I felt this urge to review what I had been through this last year, part of which consisted of reading my journal. At the end of July 2020 I had a distance Rahanni healing session done with a lady called Sinead Catherine which was extremely relaxing. You can check her out here https://healwithsinead.life/ A lot of messages came through for healing and past life stuff as well. As I was reading through what I had written after the session something caught my eye. I couldn’t remember if it was something I had written or Sinead had told me. Anyway this is what I had written

“We the Hathors. Deep love. Birth as a portal. Earthed. Learning to be human. In the world but not of it. The Seven Star Sisters. Birthing creations. Tapestry of life. Expression”

That was it. It intrigued me so I googled it and came across Tom Kenyons website https://tomkenyon.com/who-are-the-hathors

It still didn’t really answer all of my questions so I decided to connect instead with the Hathors themselves and this is what I was told

The Hathors- Who are they?

7th dimensional beings of light. Focused around the heart. Bringing new waves of love to the planet.

How do you differ to the Pleidians?

The Pleidians are closer to you in density. We vibrate at a higher frequency than the Pleidians.

Why is there not much written about you?

We haven’t had many opportunities to access humans as we have been waiting for this ascension phase to occur on Earth. As you ascend and your vibration heightens the possibilities of connecting with us greaten. There aren’t as many of us as the PLeidians. We are a small group of beings specifically focusing on teaching you love. The very unconditional love you call it is very much the norm where we reside. Yet it is and continues to be a huge lesson for many of you humans. Learning how to not only love others throuh their mistakes and mishaps but to love yourself too. Self love and loving others with compassion, empathy and grace without the need to think about it. Love is an action. An action from the heart which has no thought process attached to it.

We do not ask do I love this person? We know we do as we feel it in our systems, our hearts, our energy fields. SO much of your writings and songs focus on the workings of love and some may have misconceptions around love. It is these misconceptions which are to be broken through. To love and to allow yourself to be loved freely. No conditions. Only love. Some people find this hard. That is because they have not felt the love of another unconditionally. Stories have been told from childhood. Examples of how love hurts and love can break your heart do not really help. Learning to love in spite of these conditions is the way forward. When humanity first came to Planet Earth there was unconditional love for this was something we had spent time teaching. Over the years and with the infiltration of other beings, they began to forget what this meant. Words whispered. Greed, envy, jealousy began to arise. We could do nothing but watch from afar as this took place. It was part of the contract you see. We had all agreed that once humans were on the Earth we couldn’t intervene. For this experiment to work we needed to monitor the conditions and the factors in place to prevent love from being given and received freely. We needed to see what could stop this unconditional love. Primarily it was other beings but we also realised that we hadn’t taught them how to protect their hearts. It wasn’t enough to teach the giving and receiving we needed to teach them how to protect it too. When I say protect I mean in terms of surrounding your self and others with love daily, regularly practising self love and as this happens naturally it exudes out to others who in turn receive and then give. Returning to love is a huge life lesson many have been given in this lifetime.

How do you get back to it?

It takes time and practise yet the more you put in, the more you send out. Tell yourselves, ” I love me”. Tell those around you, ” I love you” Tell your friends, your pets, the sky, the trees. Whenever you feel love share it out loud. “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Not for now but we will speak again soon. We love you x

So that was my conversation with the Hathor. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Lindsay x



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