Who is St Germaine and how can he help us?

Who is St Germain?

St Germain appeared to me in February 2021. He was fairly adamant that I research him and write about him, so it is a bit late but this is what you need to know about St Germain.

He is a legendary spiritual master said to be responsible for the New Age culture of the Age of Aquarius. He is believed to have magical powers such as the ability to teleport, levitate, walk through walls and inspire people via telepathy. Apparantly, he inspired the founding fathers to draft the US declaration of independence and the constitution. He is associated with the colour violet and Chohan of the 7th ray.

His task is the establishment of the new civilisation of the Age of Aquarius. Said to telepathically influence people who are seen by him as being instrumental in bringing about the new civilisation of the Age of Aquarius. The Age Of Aquarius for those who don’t know is where we are currently.

The violet flame is something which is associated with Saint Germain and there are others out there who have channelled this information and work specifically with the violet flame to support others in their ascension process and their spiritual journey. You can work with it yourself by asking the violet flame to transmute anything and everything standing in the way of my ascension or of becoming a christed being. On all dimensions, on all levels, through all space and time, past, present and future. Please trasmute everything into love, prosperity, abundance, peace and happiness. St Germaine was a twin flame and came back in various bodies over the years.

When I asked Why is he here now? I was told to support in the ascension and culmination of twin flames and supporting people in their telepathy skills.

Have you worked with St Germaine or been visited by him? I would love to hear your experience

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