Why arguing with the Universe doesn’t work!

I got into an argument with the Universe the other day. I decided I had had enough. I wanted off the spiritual train and wanted a ‘normal’ life. I told it that I didn’t want to be a conduit. I didn’t want to be a messenger. I didn’t want to tell people about all of this ‘out there’ stuff that I have been learning recently.

Who am I that they will listen to me? I don’t want to be the weirdo. The odd one out. The person that people might think has gone slightly crazy. I wanted the learning and knowledge to stop. I felt out of my comfort zone, which I am prone to do. I felt overwhelmed by the knowledge I was gaining. I felt like I couldn’t handle anything else the Universe was throwing at me. I cried. Seriously. Going beyond Reiki and crystals and stepping into this unknown voyage towards multi dimensional beings and life on other planets freaked me out. I had a moment on the stairs whilst I was singing my kids to sleep when I thought, I am such a small part of this world that goes way beyond this earth.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

In a nutshell these past few months have seen me learning about different types of multidimensional beings such as Pleidians, Andromedians and Arcturians. I have been guided towards channellers, who communicate with these beings. Watching them is fascinating. Check out Rob Gaulthier on YouTube or Gaia and Barbara Marciniak on YouTube. They both have these interesting voices when they channel. Watching them I wondered who is it I am channeling? When I write following a meditation? I always thought it was the Universe or Source. I have asked but they are yet to answer me. It’s weird, not weird, because when I listen to them and see them, I don’t question their authenticity. I believe what they are saying and the beings they are channelling. Reading Barbara Marciniak’s book “Bringers of the Dawn” was eye opening. As I was reading it I kept saying, “I knew that” or “I said that” AN example being last year I remember telling several people that the word ‘should’ needed to be eradicated from the dictionary. The reason for this? If we stopped saying I should, it would make people feel less guilty for not doing something that they don’t actually want to do, but feel they should based on others expectations. When I was 18 I remember having a conversation at school about how the world began. Was it evolution or the big bang? Neither I replied, we are here as part of an alien experiment. I was being deadly serious. The class laughed.

I can’t stop the path that I am on. I can’t choose to unlearn everything I am learning. I can’t argue with the Universe, well I can and it may hear me BUT  I love to share my knowledge with others through writing and speaking. That is my path. I may be able to pause the train sometimes but I have to keep going. If you read this and think I’ve gone crazy that’s fine. I have to speak my truth. And it might sound a bit out there but I chose this path so on I go.

I’d love to hear if you have had any experiences of multidimensional beings. Let me know below!


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