Why one Reiki session wasn’t going to heal my stress and anxiety

Why one healing session isn’t a quick fix

I was naive maybe in my thinking back in 2008 as I set foot through the Reiki practitioners door. My expectations way too high. I needed help and I thought this lady was going to wave a magic wand and all of my stress and anxiety I was feeling would melt away. I could go back to my busy role as a non food trading manager in a major retailer and feel like I was floating on air. That didn’t happen.

I had been lucky if you like that throughout my life I didn’t really know what stress was until I hit 27. Prior to that I was studying, travelling, enjoying my life as a student. I was fairly laid back or so I thought until I entered the retail world as a graduate trainee. “ Don’t worry, no graduates ever last”, I was told on my first day on the job. I knew this was true as when I had applied for the initial role of a store manager trainee, I was told this option was no longer available and instead it was a 3 month placement to become a section manager.

Having some fun at work! 

I had to learn on the job and quickly. I was expected to manage a team of 17 within 12 weeks. The most I had ever managed was 6 in a small convenience store. This is what life is now I thought. Long hours, unrealistic expectations of what I and my team could achieve in the number of hours we actually spent at work, meetings on the shop floor, meetings off the shop floor, rumble ( this was actually my favourite part of the day as I would sing to myself Let’s get ready to rumble by PJ and Duncan as I tidied the shelves, it was also quite meditative) Heated discussions between myself and store managers. I never really liked being told what to do and remember one day slamming open a checkout barrier as I was asked to get on a till when I had around 100 jobs on my list and I knew, yet again, I wouldn’t be leaving on time. After nearly 2 years in the job I was stressed out. Drinking around 7 cups of coffee a day, smoking 20 cigarettes and then going home to a glass of wine and bed. This wasn’t life, surely. Add on top of that a relationship breakdown and a house move and boom, stress overload. I needed to do something.

Back in 2002 I had been in Hong Kong studying International Business as part of my degree. My friend, Felix had been on a weekend retreat learning this Reiki. I remember him placing his hands on my back and feeling this intense heat. What’s that I asked him? It’s Reiki.

Somehow this memory floated back into my consciousness in February 2008. I booked a Reiki session with Sue and was looking forward to feeling much calmer and more relaxed. I was there for about an hour and as she placed her hands on me and around me I felt heat from her hands and that was it. I thanked her for her time and as I walked away I remember thinking what a waste of money ( it was £35) What I didn’t realise at the time was that this was actually the beginning of what would be a much longer process.It was a catalyst, an opening, for inner transformation. I have always kept a diary and realised several days later that actually I did feel calmer and I had had some very vivid dreams. I was invited to do my Reiki Level 1 a couple of weeks later which I did, as I was curious. How did this work? What is my aura? Where are my chakras? I had no understanding of my energy body at all.

Things quickly opened up after that. I went to see a medium for the first time and attended one of her workshops. I saw things which made sense to people. I went to monthly mediumship demonstrations. I bought my first crystal, rose quarz, for self love. ( FYI crystals are addictive, my collection ended up growing to nearly 300, possibly more, but hey who’s counting?) I read sooo many books on angels, spirit guides, the spiritual world. Anything I could get my hands on to deepen my knowledge. I attended MBS fairs and tried different healing modalities, received aura readings, spirit guide portraits. It was like stepping into a whole new world. I started carrying my crystals to work and they would jangle in my pocket. I remember telling my team about the different properties and how they helped.

In 2010 I left my retail job to set up NRG Healing. I had by that point become a Reiki practitioner and wanted to share my work with others on their path. Since then I have experienced a number of healing modalities, colour healing, crystal healing, shamanic work, metatronic healing and some I can’t even remember the names of. What I do know was that that one session of Reiki opened a door for me and invited me onto the spiritual path. It has been 12 years of learning, healing and healing some more. I always say beginning this work is like taking the first layer off an onion. You take the first step and then something comes up so you do more healing and more. Why? Because every time you heal yourself in one way, something else comes up to teach you that there is still more work to be done.

This is part of our reason for being here on Earth. To heal. To heal not only our physical and energetic bodies but our soul too. To heal our parents stuff, our grandparents stuff. Everything down the matriarchal and patriarchal line. They didn’t have the tools we do now to do the work. We do. There are so many awesome healers in this world facilitating healing for every individual. I would love to wave a magic wand and say that’s it all done, but it doesn’t work like that. Up until earlier this year I would say I only want to see my clients once and that’s it. How wrong was I? It takes time to uncover old wounds, past hurts, not only from this lifetime but past lifetimes too. And after every healing session we then have a grace period to allow the energies to integrate, to process what came up in the session, how we move forward with a new knowing.

Spending time in nature

Life now? Well, I have much more awareness of who I am at a deeper level. I am connected with my intuition and higher self. I don’t feel stress or anxiety. I feel as if my life flows and I have become less resistant. If I could go back to myself in 2008 I would say, this is only the beginning of a much bigger journey, one you can’t even comprehend right now but know that this is your path and as you heal and learn, you help others heal and learn. I think this might have made the last 12 years a bit easier. I can’t tell myself but I can share it with you.

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Namaste Lindsay x

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